Garden journal, 7 March

with Mama in the garden. 6 March

My kitchen nook greenhouse now holds 3 trays of starts. My system is evolving. I’ve got a lovely new plantlight to keep everyone warm and in light, and a seed heating mat the size of one flat. Each flat gets about 12 hours on the heat mat, in rotation, keeping the soil nice and warm for the wee seeds. I’ve never used a heat mat before, but I am absolutely sold on it…

Everything from the first planting is above ground:
Yellow Cipollini Onions
Blue Solaize Leeks
Green Globe Artichokes
Conquistador Celery (still haven’t renamed that one yet).

so tiny they had their own envelope inside the seed packet. these will turn into tomatoes. I can scarcely believe it.

Second big round of planting yesterday afternoon:
Walla Walla Sweet Onions
De Cicco Broccoli
Snow Crown Cauliflower
Sun Gold Tomato
Zapotec Tomato
Hillbilly Tomato
San Marzano Tomato
Sweetie Cherry Tomato
Yellow Pear Tomato
Konasu Eggplant
Tomatillo Verde

Nothing like a list of heirlooms for an instant poem. We’ve had a few days of nice spring-like weather, but I don’t think winter’s giving up yet.



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2 responses to “Garden journal, 7 March

  1. Howie

    How exciting! Spring has got to be just around the corner, and it sounds as if you have got a pretty good jump on it. Congratulations!

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