the perfect formula

I call this picture “everybody loves breakfast.” my awesome friend Andrea took it. Avert your eyes if it offends you.

Step right up
and offer me your thoughts
on how you think its gross when kids who are old enough to say please
ask their mothers for breastmilk

tell me how you don’t understand why anyone would do that
when there’s stuff you can buy at the store
that comes in a can
from a company that’s done a lot of research
to mix up the perfect scientific Formula
to mimic

tell me how i should have weaned my son at 6 months
when he’d gotten the “crucial benefits”
or 1 year, isn’t that plenty?
ask me
so how much longer are you going to do that?

point out that my son knows where my breasts are
and isn’t that kind of creepy?

because by all means,
American culture is certainly giving boys healthy messages about breasts
isn’t it

I’ve done it,
I’ll be honest:
Judge other parents.

No one is perfect
but that being said
we all have to do this the best we know how

can we all just admit
how Hard this is?
we don’t talk about it
except to each other, privately
Raising a young child is really

and there are 11 million opinions
and advertising messages
and judgey people
who want to tell us how to do it

so while I have a lot of problems
with the cover of Time Magazine this week
Jamie Lynn Grumet, you ain’t one of them.
You are proud, beautiful, and full of love for your son.

Love is what defines a mother
not someone else’s theories
or opinions
There are moms who are mom enough because every day
they fight to stay sober
there are moms who are mom enough because they adopted
moms who are mom enough because they work 4 jobs
moms who are mom enough because they stay home
moms who are mom enough because they

And that’s what I’ve got to say about that.



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2 responses to “the perfect formula

  1. Yep! Raising children, at every stage, is really, really, hard work. A mother’s love is deeper than the ocean and wider than the sky and it is enough.
    And your breakfast looks amazingly yummy!

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