pricey coffees and stubborn weeds

the other day, I dropped Ryan off at a Saturday appointment,
and stopped at the coffeehouse to kill some time
the baby chewed on wooden train cars,
and i sipped my mug of hot muddy drip-brewed black,
the first quarter cup marred by my irritation at the 2.15$ pricetag.

I got over it,
and settled in to read Robert Sund poems
liked this bit especially:
“we walked across a lavender carpet/while the pastel lights sent cheap violins weeping through the air/ trying to break us/between the rows of luxurious coffins”

two men walked in
both middle aged
with a blue-collar aspect about them
they ordered soy cappuccinos
which surprised me.

as i wrestled the squirming back-arching baby into his carseat,
the men walked past,
and stopped on the sidewalk nearby
to discuss the electronic ankle bracelet one of them was wearing
he pulled up the leg of his jeans
and they both looked at it,
neither seemed particularly upset or ashamed
and i decided they were old friends
brothers maybe
who had been looking forward to that cappuccino for some time.

later, the sun came out
i put the baby down for a nap, attacked the weed-choked garden beds with a hoe
ended up on my hands and knees, digging at the roots with my fingers
they ran deep, and resisted my efforts
and i thought: assumptions are the same way
but if you don’t mind a little dirt under your nails,
it is possible to uproot them

totally unrelated to this blog post. but pictures are fun. Callum and Assata.


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