October now, up north and Here.

october eveningtime

cooler this evening
than its been
guess its October now
i eat handfuls of popcorn
dusted with nutritional yeast
and crunch on apples Ma brought back from visiting her sister in the Methow
read Robert Sund poems
and make faces at the baby
who is three months old now
and more himself every day

up north,
they are harvesting potatoes
digging them from the dark alluvial Skagit dirt
with rotating metal tines
from which they fall by the dozens
into the backs of trucks
red purple yukon gold russet brown
other farmers are baling hay
while herons look on from culverts
i know because i saw them yesterday
driving Best Road with my mother
i know because I’ve seen them a thousand times

My husband’s coming home late,
after a teacher’s union meeting
i sip tea from a small pot
and tuck my toes under our soft white dog
the baby makes sounds to himself
and kicks the blanket off
i tuck it back over his legs
and listen to a fire truck leave the station across the street
the dogs bark at the sound
the baby stares at his fingers
and quietly laces them together
surprising me with his dexterity
When my husband gets home,
he lets the dogs out
and cooler air floods in
like a sudden river.

moon rising over Cultus Mt, Skagit Valley. photo by my Momma, Theresa.



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4 responses to “October now, up north and Here.

  1. Abby

    This is beautiful. My parents live up there too. I know exactly where Best Road is and what you’re talking about. It’s very beautiful… going up there this weekend.
    See you Monday, Abby

    • sarahalisabethfox

      Thank you Abby!!! Nice to know you also have roots in the lovely Valley. I hated it when I was young, then I went back as an adult and was shocked to have grown up in one of the most beautiful places on earth. whaddaya know. Looking forward to seeing y’all and that sweet girl on Mon.

  2. Pearl Nelson

    Wonderful, really wonderful. Again, what a wonderful and gentle life you live. I loved the descriptive narrative of things near and far away, yet part of the whole.


  3. Mary Katie

    that boy is more and more himself with every afd photo i see. but i need real life exposure please. let’s soon.

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