Like Instructions for Dancing

This morning, I took the dogs outside
the neighbor’s chickens cackled
and a foghorn sounded a few blocks to the west
softskinned baby on my shoulder drinking the world in without concept
the squash plants are dying off in the garden
inside again, i realize:
when confronted with eight wet dog feet while holding a baby,
bending over to dry them is impractical.
it is easiest to simply follow them around the house,
pushing a towel across the floor with one’s toes
in so doing, i notice how much their footprints
are like instructions for dancing
and so we do

(listening to “i was made to love her,” Stevie Wonder)

Annie and Assata, photo by Andrea Fuentes-Diaz



Filed under Assata and Annie, autumn weather, basic goodness, Garden, gratitude, love, meditation, motherhood, Ordinary, outside, poetry, stories, watching it all go by

4 responses to “Like Instructions for Dancing

  1. This is so wonderful. I kitchen dance to Patty Griffin’s Oh Heavenly Day with my pug, Stella. When did you get that beauty Annie? What a lovely home you’ve made.


  2. sarahalisabethfox

    Oh, I love Patty Griffin! And hooray for kitchen dancing. Annie joined our family about twelve days after Callum did. Ryan found her on a rescue list and when we introduced her to Assata for a trial-play session, it was like they were long-lost sisters. So, we decided to jump headfirst. She’s a love. And our bed is very, very full. 🙂

  3. Thought of this today. I was cleaning baby pee off the hallway floor with a cloth diaper under my foot when Oscar hopped on to dance along…. xo

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