like passengers on Cousteau’s submarine

we peered through the tiny window
like passengers on Cousteau’s deep sea submarine
eyes scanning the unknown for familiar, yet exotic shapes

then you swam out of the darkness
and into the small frame of vision
like some ancient deep sea creature
who has lived its whole existence beyond the reach of the sunlight

we peered at you in awe
you were no obedient specimen,
and did not hold still long to be gawked at
before disappearing again into the nebulous dark

I was aware of my breathing, and Ryan’s.
we waited,

and you reappeared, yawning in the saltwater

we glimpsed your perfectly formed hands
beating four-chambered heart

We came all this way
to see you

not fathoms deep in the ocean, true
but fathoms deep in concept.

For years, we contemplated this journey.

Would we be tourists? Taking the voyage purely to satisfy our own curiosity?
Or would this trip make the world a better place, somehow?

Did we really understand what it meant to call you into being?
Did we have the right?
Were we ready to know you?
was there such a thing as the “right time”?
funny how concepts become conceptions.

here you were
floating in front of us
floating underneath my very skin

it meant something so simple
You Exist

it meant something so complex
You Exist

concept no more
but Boy.

And who are we to call you ours?



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8 responses to “like passengers on Cousteau’s submarine

  1. This is one of the most beautiful poems I’ve ever read and so emotionally honest. Blessings on your little family. Pearl

  2. y

    i love this. it’s very sweet – and the intro is divine. thank you for sharing.

  3. I’ve just found you through Pearl Nelson’s gem of a blog. And am smiling with appreciation of the depth of your expression. I remember feeling so pregnant with responsibility and awe. How could I dare to bring a person into the world? Was I arrogant? But I felt such appointment with each soul. This is a precious outpouring of humanity. So glad to find you!

  4. okbobok

    oh gosh, i need kleenex. you know, i’m always almost lured into thinking of a pregnancy as a very individualistic thing, an experience that single old me won’t ever have. but then others remind me that pregnancies are connected to the human experience — we’ve all been part of one, at some point! plus, it’s a community event. “and who are we…?” touching. thanks for sharing this.

  5. I enjoyed this poem a lot, lovely symbolism. Thank you, Dave

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