winterberries in the frontyard sun

Assata sniffs her way down the 48th street hill

blue sky, bare limbs, and an eager Bean, reflected in a puddle

where the Salish Sea meets West Seattle

driftwood having drifted into other driftwood

tidal chance or human help at a lower tide?

found driftwood rhino

driftroots holding stones

termite hieroglyphs

part of the flotilla of fresh driftwood floating offshore

bark which brings to mind tentacles or baleen

giddy dog on beach... for whom I will gladly pay that 500$ fine should i ever get caught.

journal time



Filed under Ordinary, outside, photographs

2 responses to “beachwalk

  1. Theresa

    puget sound beaches

    nothing like ’em

    [you go assata]

  2. I am so jealous you leave near the ocean. What a beautiful way to spend your day. How are you feeling preggers?

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